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“Down the Hole” Drilling – The Mincon Philosophy

A “Down-the-Hole” Hammer is probably the most important component on the drill rig and the DTH system holds many advantages over other alternatives, for instance:  Rotary Drilling is fine for large diameter holes in softer more friable rock but less effective in hard rock or where small diameter holes are needed. Top Hammer (Drifter) drilling systems can produce satisfactory results for short hole drilling in hard homogenous rock conditions but would likely experience difficulty in deep holes and in soft ground with large diameters. The DTH system is by far the most versatile and can be used very successfully in a wide range of ground conditions from soft, through medium to very hard.

Small diameter holes with deep capability are all within the scope of the DTH system, which is recognized for providing clean, truly aligned bore holes at high drilling rates with minimal operating cost.

Some unique features of the DTH system:

  • Capable of drilling in almost all ground conditions.
  • Constant energy directly behind bit provides speed with less power loss and greater hole accuracy.
  • Rigid drill string improves hole alignment.
  • Air flow volume provides efficient flushing and cleaner holes.
  • Choice of hole diameters are available with the same hammer.
  • Easy to service and maintain.
  • Large chip drilling provides speed with minimal dust emission.

These factors are very important to users operating in the many applications within the drilling industry, which can include:

Open Pit Mining, Aggregates Blast Hole – Water Well – Oil & Gas – Rock Anchor – Ground Consolidation – Pile – Seismic – Geothermal – Directional and Mineral Exploration Drilling.

Mincon DTH Hammers provide customers with these distinct benefits, as well as being able to operate across a wide air pressure range and still continue to provide maximum output with comforting reliability.

Mincon Hammers incorporate unique designs, use special steel and undergo closely guarded processes to make them stand out from other makes.

Mincon offer:

  • Additional Flushing capability for cleaner holes, particularly at depth.
  • Case hardened outer components for reduced wear in abrasive rock.
  • Heavy Duty options for tougher conditions.
  • Reversible Wear Sleeves on the larger models for extra life.
  • Effective Check Valve for drilling in wet holes.
  • Unique internal mounting concept removes need for shims or special tools.

Mincon has been at the bleeding edge of DTH design for the past three decades and have been firmly established as “Leaders in Rock Drilling Technology”.

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