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Mincon Hammer Drills 100,000 Metres

From left to Right – Clive Roberts (Rock Drill Engineering Ltd), Barry Carson (EPC-UK Blasting Services), Jo Yates (Rock Drill Engineering Ltd).

A Mincon 4HDS DTH hammer has achieved a service life of almost 100,000 metres.

Most hammers will achieve a life expectancy of between 20,000 and 40,000 metres, dependent upon ground conditions and good drilling and maintenance practices.
The Mincon hammer supplied and serviced by Rock Drill Engineering, and used by EPC UK Blasting Services, managed a total of 96,500 metres over its lifetime, drilling in challenging conditions in North Wales (UK) and maintaining top performance throughout. Just the outer casing of the hammer was rebuilt 3 times, all of the main components were original.

“Many of the hammers we supply reach totals well beyond those normally expected within the industry,” MD Steven Beasley commented.

“We supply a well-designed, professionally built product that we know will perform consistently beyond the norm, but it’s also down to the skill and experience of the driller and the care taken to keep the hammer in top condition. Simple maintenance and proper lubrication with selective rebuilds will ensure top performance and extend the projected life span to provide very acceptable overall operating costs.”

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