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Mincon – High Quality RC Products in the Mexican Mineral Exploration Markets:

With a crew that has combined over a century of experience, and equipment designed to leave the smallest footprint possible, Globexplore has taken on some of the most diverse and challenging projects that Mexico has to offer. Based in Hermosillo in Sonora State Mexico Globexplore have gained an enviable reputation for providing outstanding drilling contracting services to the Mexican Mineral Exploration market.

Victor Diaz, Director of Operations for Globexplore, knows the client is the top priority; “Our entire company operates with a deep understanding that the client is the priority to focus on every hour of every day. Operating in remote areas it is of the utmost importance that we can rely on our tooling to do the job we need it to do”.

Since 2010 Globexplore has been using the Mincon MX5053 Reverse Circulation Hammers and 133 MM bits. One of the main advantages seen with the Mincon MX5053 Hammer is its ability to drill in many varying types of ground condition, which are quite common in this market.

“We have tested other hammers over the years and have always found that while they might excel in one area they cannot stand up to Mincon as an all-terrain tool,” stated Armando Lucero, RC Operations Manager for Globexplore. “We have found that most hammers would slow down considerably when they encounter water in the borehole. In exploration drilling, water is a very common occurrence and we find the versatility of the Mincon products allows us to stay productive and avoid downtime from tripping out of the hole to switch tooling. Most important to any exploration company is the quality of sample. Mincon excels in this area due to accurate sampling of the ore body as well as avoiding hole deviation.”

In the last nine months Mincon have worked closely together with Globexplore monitoring bit and hammer life on recent projects located in some of the most difficult geology and remote terrain in Mexico. With extremely difficult logistics for getting parts and tooling to these locations, ensuring that there is sufficient tooling on site is one of the single most important factors in job planning. Having tools that can give a continuous high level of performance and reliability is key to success.

All of our Mincon’s Reverse Circulation products are made to the highest standards at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Perth, Australia. All Mincon hammers are easily disassembled with no need for any special assembly or disassembly tools. This makes service and maintenance of the tools much easier. Service in a lot of cases is done at the drill rig to avoid any additional downtime.

Last year Mincon introduced the next generation Mincon MR120 Reverse Circulation to Globexplore. Globexplore immediately noticed that they were achieving faster rod times as well as achieving an improvement in chip size and sample quantity. Performance improvements show up to 20% increase in production in both grade control and exploration applications. With different designs of sample tubes to help when drilling in different conditions such as water or clay, contractors are assured they have the right tool for the job.

The end users of our products are the focus of all of our endeavors. This focus coupled with the highest quality Reverse Circulation Hammers and Bits ensures Mincon will continue to be “The Drillers Choice for Reverse Circulation drilling.”

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