The Spiral Flush advantage

Mincon has a number of innovative products in its comprehensive line-up of drilling solutions, each designed to offer drillers an advantage that will help them drill faster, more efficiently, or with better safely.

When drilling into softer ground, there is a risk of creating unwanted cavities when high-pressure air is sent through a DTH hammer and discharges into the ground. When drilling in urban environments this can disturb nearby foundations and structures, or create cavities in soft soil – both are unwanted scenarios for drillers.

Mincon’s patented Spiral Flush technology is the perfect solution for this safety risk. Spiral Flush is an air-control system that ensures high-pressure air only flushes the cuttings inside the casing, without discharging air into the ground.
For a better visual of what’s going on underground, here’s an excellent explainer showing Spiral Flush in action.

Spiral Flush is one of Mincon’s patented technologies, and forms part of the Mincon construction and geotechnical product range. Browse the Mincon website to submit a quote, or contact your nearest Mincon office directly.



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