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Mincon’s AIM, Your Success

Mincon Group PLC is a manufacturer of world class drilling consumables with a global reach and local support.

Mincon has grown its global business substantially over the last fifteen years by ensuring that Mincon drilling tools consistently compete at the highest end of the market for performance, reliability and longevity. Mincon has strategically located sales and service centers staffed with high caliber employees with a strong knowledge of local market needs and requirements.

As the business and economic landscape changes, we at Mincon are very aware of the need to work closely with our customers to ensure their success. It is only through our customers’ success that Mincon is successful and this is at the heart of Mincon’s philosophy of making the customer the focal point of everything we do.

Today the major focus in mining is towards significantly reducing the cost of operations. When Mincon engages with a new customer we focus our A.I.M. on their operations. We Assess, Implement and Monitor.

We Assess the current operations by performing a complete review of the drilling operations to understand their needs and take their unique circumstances into account. We evaluate their existing drill machines, analyze the environment (altitude, temperature, relative humidity) they operate in and study the current tooling wear patterns. Once completed, together with the customer we decide on the best course of action.

With a plan in hand we Implement. We use Mincon Down the Hole (DTH) drilling products that have proven themselves all over the world with both large and small mining companies. We offer the appropriate training where needed and employ industry best practices to maximize productivity, tool life and ensure a safe working environment.

Once set up with our products performing at maximum efficiency we Monitor with world class service and support and ensure we are there for all our Customer’s needs. We will periodically perform reviews of the drilling operations to make sure that they are still operating at maximum efficiency.

Mincon would like to extend an invitation to A.I.M. our focus on your operations and demonstrate the benefits of a strategic partnership with Mincon and together we can maximize your success.


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