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Mincon Group PLC announce the launch of the new MQ Range of Standard DTH Hammers

Mincon Group plc, a manufacturer of Hard Rock Drilling products for use in the Mining, Construction, Water Well, Geothermal and Oil & Gas Industries announces the launch of the newest addition to its Standard DTH Range of tools, The Mincon MQ Range.

Designed and tested over the past 12 months, the Mincon MQ Range of Standard DTH hammers run industry standard drill bits without the need for a foot valve. Mincon Engineers upon advice from Mincon Field Technical Specialists and End Users saw a need in the market for a range of high performance DTH hammers that could run readily available industry standard shanks, while eliminating the weakest part of any DTH bit design, the Foot Valve.

In addition to eliminating the foot valve, engineers were better able to optimize energy use giving performance increases over the comparable Mincon hammer that uses a foot valve. This optimized air flow and extremely efficient exhausting also allows the MQ range to drill more effectively when water is encountered in the bore hole.

The Mincon MQ range of DTH hammers currently consists of the following tools:

Model Shank Type Minimum Bit Size Outside Diameter
Mincon MQ40 TD40 4.330” 110mm 3.82” 97mm
Mincon MQ50 QL50 5.000” 127mm 4.53” 115mm
Mincon MQ55 QL50 5.375” 136mm 4.88” 124mm
Mincon MQ60 QL60 6.000” 152mm 5.50” 140mm
Mincon MQ65 QL60 6.250” 159mm 5.75” 146mm
Mincon MQ68 QL60 6.500” 165mm 5.75” 146mm

Mincon put their A.I.M. on your operations:

Mincon Group PLC has launched a new program, A.I.M. to the marketplace. The program is designed to look critically at customers drilling operations, assisting to ensure they are achieving maximum productivity and performance.

When Mincon engages with a customer we focus our A.I.M. on their operations. We Assess, Implement and Monitor.

Mincon will Assess the current operations performing a complete review of the drilling program to understand customer needs taking their unique circumstances into account. We evaluate existing drill machines, tooling performance, the environment (altitude, temperature, relative humidity etc.) they operate in and study the current tooling wear patterns. Once completed, together with the customer, a comprehensive drilling plan is formulated.

With this plan in hand we Implement. We assist in the selection of Mincon tooling appropriate to the needs of our customer. We offer the necessary training, employ industry best practices ensuring maximum productivity and tool life for our customers drilling program.

Mincon will then Monitor, partnering with our customer, to offer world class service and support. We will periodically perform a review of drilling operations to ensure that they are still operating at maximum efficiency and productivity.

Mincon would like to extend an invitation to A.I.M. our focus on your operations and demonstrate the benefits of a strategic partnership with Mincon, maximizing your drilling operations performance.

Contact information:
Mincon Group PLC
Smithstown Industrial Estate
Shannon, Co. Clare
Tel: +353 (0)61 361 099
Fax: +353 (0)61 361 808







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