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Mincon Rockdrills Pty., Ltd. – Moving ahead in 2012

In 2006 Mincon commenced development of a range of premium performance Reverse Circulation Hammers. The strategy from the outset was to have a separate manufacturing facility focused primarily on RC products located in Perth, Australia. This plant was then equipped with state of the art machinery. Bringing our considerable experience to RC hammer design the MX line of RC Hammers produced a design that has become recognized globally for its performance, reliability and sample quality.

Since 2006, Mincon has enjoyed strong growth in RC business resulting in the need to move to a larger manufacturing facility at 8 Fargo Way in Welshpool, on the outskirts of Perth. The strategy when selecting a new facility was to find a location that was going to allow for all of our current manufacturing needs with room for further expansion as necessary. The move has now been completed with minimal disruption to the manufacturing operations thanks to all the hard work of all the staff Mincon Rockdrills Pty., Ltd.

More state of the art machinery has been sourced adding significantly to the capacity of the plant. In addition there is more room for storage, assembly and order filling.

In 2010 Mincon commenced development of a new range of RC hammers. The MR range of RC hammers is designed to perform at the top end of the performance scale compared to other tools on the market. With extensive testing over the past 18 months the MR range of tools offers some very significant benefits over the MX range of RC hammers.

Performance improvements show up to 20% increase in production in both grade control and exploration applications versus the Mincon MX range. As with all Mincon hammers the tools performed extremely well in deep hole drilling in both dry applications and where there is a lot of water in the borehole. With a variable length available on the chuck sleeve the hammer can be easily set up for either dry or wet hole drilling.

The Mincon MR range of RC Hammers covers the most popular hole sizes. The MR116 drills hole sizes between 121mm (4.75”) and 127mm (5”). The MR120 hole size range is between 127mm (5”) and 143mm (5.625”) and the MR132 covers the range between 137mm (5.4”) and 146mm (5.75”).

Some of the key features of the Mincon MR range are as follows: a patented mounting system for fixed internal components; an extremely sturdy shank with a short length allows for greater transfer of energy from the piston to the rock face; variable chuck sleeve lengths for differing drilling conditions; a single piece sample tube assembly; specially heat treated sample tubes offering superior wear resistance compared with our competition; different sample tube bore sizes for the MR120 and MR132 to allow the contactor greater flexibility in setting up the tool; specially surface treated chuck sleeve and wear sleeve options for greater wear resistance on outside circulation.

Following on the success of the MX range, the MR range of RC hammers has quickly gained a significant following and is set to become the standard by which RC hammers will be measured. The Mincon MR Range of tools simply gets the job done and is fast becoming “The Driller’s Choice”.

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