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Ring Bit System

Casing size 114–1,524 mm

Solitary ring bit system is designed for drilling end-bearing piles through overburden into bedrock. The system can drill straight and inclined piles through boulders and rock layers and it easily manages situations where the bedrock itself is inclined. The heavy duty ring bit is not attached to casing shoe, which makes it the most economical option of the ring bit alternatives.


Main applications

The system is available for casings from 114 to 1 524 mm and for all major shank designs. It uses Spiral Flush technology, offering class-leading safety in overburden drilling. The solitary double-shoulder pilot is not compatible with the small integrated single-shoulder ring bits.

Download the pdf data sheet for detailed information and specifications.

Use with
end-bearing piles

Solitary system is often used with end-bearing piles. These, in turn, are used in projects where casings resting in bedrock are calculated to take part of the load together with the reinforced concrete. This way, the amount of rebar steel inside the casing can be reduced. Solitary system is a very cost-effective solution in situations where the risk of accidentally dropping, and possibly losing, the ring bit is not significant. In other cases, we recommend the integrated system.

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