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Spiral Flush

Mincon’s market-leading air control technology, Spiral Flush, is the safest way to drill in sensitive ground and tight urban spaces. It makes drilling safe by not discharging any air directly towards the soil – without sacrificing efficient flushing and fast drilling speeds in any hardness of rock.

Patented air control
technology for
sensitive overburden.

Safe drilling
with controlled airflow

Sensitive and complex ground conditions set challenges to overburden drilling. The high-pressure air that is used to operate Down-The-Hole hammers and flush the cuttings from the drill hole, can reach up to 24 bar. This can put a lot of pressure against the soil, if the airflow is directed straight against it, resulting in over-drilling and underground cavities. This, in turn, can cause damage to nearby structures.

As a result, the use of conventional DTH drilling is limited already in several city centers, shorelines and other sensitive areas around the world.

Mincon’s patented solution, Spiral Flush, eliminates the risk of air escaping into the overburden. Spiral Flush makes drilling in sensitive and complex ground conditions safe by not directing airflow against the ground. This technology has been succesfully used in locations around the world where other conventional DTH drilling methods have not been possible.

It Works?

Spiral Flush has been designed so that the high-pressure air is never directed against the ground. Instead, it is directed sideways and upwards, which makes flushing the cuttings both powerful and safe. This way the air always stays inside the casing.

The added safety comes with the same speed and effieciency that our customers have come to expect and with the promise that with Mincon you can go through any rock on Earth.

Air control safety
also in small scale

Originally developed for Nordic well-drilling applications, the patent pending invention Spiral Flush Mini now offers the safety of the regular Spiral Flush in a much smaller scale. The airflow flushing the face of the pilot is reduced to absolute minimum which makes drilling small holes much safer in sensitive ground conditions.

Another benefit, when choosing Spiral Flush Mini, is better flushing inside the casing in clay soil. Because only a small fraction of the pressurised air goes to the face, almost all air is used to flush the casing. This way the sticky clay cannot easily stick to the inside surface of the casing and thus prevent proper airflow.

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All Mincon casing systems come with Spiral Flush.
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