Horizontal Directional Drilling Products

Mincon’s comprehensive line-up of drilling solutions includes the world’s best HDD hammers, sold and serviced in partnership with the Vermeer global distribution network.

Key Features

Horizontal Directional Drilling Products Introduction

Vermeer offers Mincon’s range of HDD pilot hammers, suitable for hole sizes from 89mm – 235mm (3.5” – 9.25”), as well as HDD pull reamers for expanding hole sizes to between 178mm and 406mm (7” to 16”).

All Mincon HDD hammers use our proven technology to deliver unparalleled performance. By using high-pressure and high-volume air, the hammers have a high-frequency cycle that ensures less vibration for the advanced steering electronics, leading to better steerability in all rock formations. This design also produces smaller rock cuttings that are easier to flush.

Of course, all drilling components are manufactured in-house using the best raw steel and Mincon’s proprietary heat-treat processes to ensure superior hardness and wear resistance.

The result is a range of durable, high-performance HDD drilling solutions that are ideal for all industry applications, and compatibility with all rig sizes.