Reverse-Circulation Drilling Products

Mincon’s MR range of RC hammers offer cutting-edge innovation to deliver the world’s most capable air-powered exploration drilling solutions.

Key Features

Introduction to Reverse-Circulation Drilling

The MR range is available with industry standard Remet and Metzke threads, as well as Mincon’s ARDX thread tool joint threads which allow for superior air flow performance.

Designed by Mincon in Ireland and tested to perfection at exploration drilling sites around the world, the Mincon MR hammers are the benchmark for all other DTH RC tools.

Mincon’s reverse circulation hammers have been proven to drill deeper and faster, without compromising on sample quality.

MR hammers are also optimised to excel in both dry and wet ground conditions, offering reliable operation when encountering underground voids or water tables. Additionally, a variable-length chuck sleeve allows MR hammers to be configured for either dry or wet hole drilling.