Design and manufacturing
expertise in geotechnical
drilling tools.

Mincon’s Geotechnical Center in Finland is the home of our global overburden drilling expertise.  We work hard to ensure that each of your foundation projects is finished safely, on time and on budget.  We are driven forwards by our love for drilling.


We have a large selection of casing systems that are designed and manufactured in-house.  And if the stock tools don’t work for you, we are happy to design and manufacture custom systems for your specific project in our own factory in Finland.

Designed and tested

in the hardest conditions on Earth

Findland, where Mincon’s Geotechnical Center is located, sits on top of the hardest bedrock on the planet.  Our expertise rests on decades of experience in drilling through this extremely hard rock.  This is why it is easy for us to guarantee that with Mincon you can drill through any rock on Earth and do it fast.

Home of
Spiral Flush

The high-pressure air that is used to operate DTH hammers and flush the cuttings from the drill hole, can reach up to 24 bar. This can put a lot of pressure against the soil, if the airflow is directed straight against it, resulting in over-drilling and underground cavities.

in our own factory

The geotechnical design team sits under the same roof with our factory in Ylöjärvi, Finland. This streamlines our production and helps us maintain high manufacturing quality. The production floor area in Ylöjärvi is 6,400 m2 which is roughly the same as one soccer pitch. Besides manufacturing casing systems, large-diameter down-the-hole shock absorbers and the MP340 DTH hammer, Ylöjärvi plant works as a service center for our local customers.


Our Geotechnical Center has delivered thousands of foundation drilling solutions worldwide. Learn more about our casing systems and solutions, and how we can help you in your foundation work.

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We are the experts in complicated geotechnical drilling. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be glad to help.

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