Construction and Geotechnical Solutions

For advanced geotechnical drilling, Mincon’s ring-bit casing advancing systems offer solutions for a variety of construction techniques, including foundation drilling, pipe pile-walls, forepoling, well drilling, and anchoring.

Mincon ring-bit systems use our patented Spiral Flush air-control technology to avoid damage or disruption in complex ground conditions or existing foundations, thus leading to safer drilling.

In large-diameter drilling applications energy transfer to the ground is significant, but Mincon’s DTH hammers have a high-frequency design that lets them operate above the nominal frequency of the ground. This mitigates excess ground vibration by cycling hammers above the natural harmonic frequency of the ground.

All Mincon geotechnical products are manufactured to exacting tolerances using the very best materials and tungsten carbide buttons, ensuring excellent service life.

Our geotechnical drilling solutions are backed up by a global service footprint and highly experienced consultants with in-depth knowledge of Mincon products and cutting-edge geotechnical techniques.​​