The MP-series is our comprehensive range of next generation of DTH hammers, supporting drill bit sizes between 85 mm (3.4″) and 1,524 mm (60″).

The MP-series offers unparalleled versatility and compatibility, with supports for industry-standard shanks. Additionally, MP-series hammers are available in variants that support drill bits without a footvalve (also known as tubeless drill bits). All models in the next-generation MP-series of DTH hammers are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facilities in Ireland and Finland, ensuring consistently high-quality parts and material properties, for supreme reliability, longevity, and efficiency.

When used in conjunction with other products in our range, customers will benefit from all the next-generation Mincon drilling technologies that improve penetration rates without compromising on efficiency, while reducing emissions and drilling costs.


Hammer name Shank support Foot valve Standard backhead
thread / type
Hammer OD Hammer length
(shoulder to shoulder)
Minimum bit size Maximum bit size Hammer weight Piston weight Links
MP180-QL QL200 Yes 8 5/8″ API 400 mm (15.7") 1,659 mm (65.3") 457 mm (18″) 610 mm (24") 1,177 kg (2,595 lb) 284 kg (626.1 lb) Data sheet
MP180-N180 N180 Yes 8 5/8″ API 400 mm (15.7") 1,695 mm (66.7") 457 mm (18″) 610 mm (24") 1,164 kg (2,566 lb) 282kg (621.7 lb ) Data sheet
MP180-MQ MQ180 No 8 5/8″ API 400 mm (15.7") 1,781 mm (70.1") 457 mm (18″) 610 mm (24") 1,241 kg (2,736 lb) 320 kg (705.5 lb) Data sheet
MP240-N240 N240 Yes Hex 275 525 mm (20.7″) 2,016 mm (79.4″) 610 mm (24") 864 mm (34") 2,483 kg (5,474 lb) 548 kg (1,208 lb) Data sheet
MP240-MQ MQ240 No Hex 275 525 mm (20.7″) 2,077 mm (81.8″) 610 mm (24") 864 mm (34") 2,538 kg (5,597 lb) 548 kg (1,207 lb) Data sheet

Footvalve vs no footvalve

We offer DTH drill hammers with support for bits with and without footvalves, depending on the application at hand and customer requirements. Hammers that support bits with footvalves are designed to accommodate this insert. All hammers with an MQ and MC designation only support drill bits without a footvalve. Mincon hammers are available with support for most major third-party shanks, as well as Mincon’s own MC-style shank which does not have a footvalve.

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