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Large Diameter
Rock Bits

Tool size 300–1,524 mm

Mincon’s rock bits are the trusty work horses of going through rock of any hardness. In piling, the large diameter rock bits are used to drill rock sockets through large ID or retrievable ring bits. Rock bits can also be designed and manufactured according to specific customer requirements.


Main applications

Rock bits are available in sizes from 300 to 1 524 mm and for all major shank designs.

Download the pdf data sheet for detailed information and measurements.

Use with
sacrificed casing piles

In piling work, rock bits are used to drill rock sockets to sacrificed casing piles. Rock sockets are extensions of drilled piles into bedrock, and they root the piles securely in place in projects that have tensile or “pulling” loads.

Sacrificed casing piles leave the casings into ground. This saves time and effort in projects where the casing steel is included in the load calculations together with the rebar steel.

retrievable casing piles

Rock bits are also used to drill rock sockets to retrievable casing piles. Again, the purpose of rock sockets is to withstand tensile loads that can appear when a tall building is waving in strong wind, for example.

Retrievable casing piles with rock sockets are used in projects where tensile loads need to be considerd but load calculations don’t take the casings into account. In these situations, it is better to lift and reuse the casings.

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