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The Rock Drill R405 Drilling Rig is a low headroom micro piling drilling unit ideally suited for restricted access drilling sites and underground geothermal applications. Compatible with mud or air drilling setups. Standard features include breakout clamps, separate remote power unit, width adjustable crawler tracks, adjustable stabilizer legs and a high torque JT200-Series drill head.

  • Height7′ 3″ (2,172 mm)
  • Mast Stroke4′ 7″ (1,397 mm)
  • Pullback22,000 lbs (10,000 kg)
  • Rig WeightApprox. 5,200 lbs (2,359 kg)* not including hydraulic hoses.
  • ClampsMultiple options available



Configurable Torque/RPM options


Speed Rotary Head


Main Shaft Construction

The Rock Drill R405 Drill Rig is a low-headroom, restricted access drilling unit with a remote power unit. The remote power unit can be placed up to 200 ft away from the rig with umbilical hoses.

With the high torque JT200 Series Drill Head the Rock Drill R405 is a powerful and compact drilling unit for micro piling and limited access drilling applications.


With their own practical drilling experience the Mincon Rock Drill engineers used innovative simplicity to design a series of drilling units that were easy to maintain and service. This engineering methodology designed a series of machines that are built to last: 

  • Engineered simplicity also means components are stronger and more durable. 

  • Maintenance requirements are reduced with fewer wearable items and moving parts.

  • Off-the-shelf parts and spares can be utilized from local suppliers, Lowering maintenance and operating costs.

  • The Rock Drill R405 is a powerful, restricted access drill rig for low head room applications. 



Description Imperial Metric
System Pressure 3,000 psi 206 bar
Max Flow 33 gpm 124 lpm
Max Pullback 22,000 lbs 10,000 kg
Max Pushdown 16,000 lbs 7,257 kg
Engine Power 83hp 61 kW
Fuel Tank 31 gallons 117 ltr
Hydraulic Tank 55 gallons 189 ltr
Cooling System Air Cooled
Description Imperial Metric
Max Torque 10,400 ft-lbs with JT205 14,000 Nm
Max Speed 205 rpm with JT222-M
Through Bore 2-3/8” 60 mm
Speeds 2-Speed Variable


Description Imperial Metric
Height (Drilling Position) 7’ 3” 2,172 mm
Height (Transport Position) 59” 1,499 mm
Length (Drilling Position) 83” 2,108 mm
Mast Stroke 4’ 7” 1,397 mm
Width 34”-52" 863-1,320 mm
Rig Weight Approx. 5,200 lbs* 2,359 kg*


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