M120 Excavator Drill Mast Attachment | Dewatering - Marine Piers - Rock Drilling

The Rock Drill M120 Drill Mast Attachment for excavators is ideal for pre-drilling hard rock for solar, dewatering and micropile applications. Capable of drilling with augers, helical anchors, ground screws, DTH hammers and mud drilling setups the M120 Drill Mast Attachment has 6,600 lbs of pullback for advanced drill projects, including foundation and underpinning applications. For excavator attachment only.

  • Height 23′ 10″ (7,247 mm)
  • Mast Stroke 20′ (6,100 mm)
  • Max Pullback 6,000 lbs (2,722 kg)
  • Weight (mast only) 2,236 lbs (1,014 kg)



Drill Head Options

Only 2

Hose Connections


Skid Steer or Excavator Mounts

The Rock Drill M120 Drill Mast Attachment’s mount plate for excavators can be customized to integrate seamlessly with your carrier machine.

With a simple 2-hose connection for the pressure and return flow on the carrier machines auxiliary hookup, it drilling couldn’t be easier to start drilling.

Setups available for dewatering, solar installs and geotechnical drilling.


The Rock Drill M120 drill mast and M112 drill mast attachments offer options for excavator or skid steer attachment respectively. Mount plates attached to the rear of the drill mast allow for quick attachment / pickup by the carrier machine.

  • Universal skid steer plate fits most skid steer models
  • Excavator mounts built to suit your excavator
  • Simple 2-hose connection to auxiliary ports on carrier machine
  • Connect / disconnect in seconds with included T-Leg system


The Gate Clamps come with a hydraulic breakout cylinder and two rod wrenches sized to your applications drill rods.

Double Breakout Clamps can be used with casings or drill rods for faster breaking of connections.


Power & Hydraulics:

Description Imperial Metric
Max System Pressure 3,000 psi 206 bar
Max Flow Rate 34 gal/min 128 L/min
Max Pullback / Pushdown 6,000 lb 2,722 kg


Description Imperial Metric
Mast Height 23' 10" 7,247 mm
Mast Stroke 20' 6,100 mm
Width 60" 1,519 mm
Weight* (excl. hydraulic hoses) 2,236 lbs 1,014 kg
Attachment Type Excavator Only

Rotary Head Options:

Description Imperial Metric
Max Torque 5,100 ft-lb 6,915 Nm
Max Speed 100 rpm
Speed Control Variable
*Depending on options.


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